Will your child be eating Cold or Hot Lunch for 2020-2021 school year?
Things to note about the CICS Hot Lunch Program:
Lunch and milk comes from Grinnell public-school kitchen.

*If we have school on a day that the public schools are not in session, all students will need to bring a cold lunch and drink.

Menus are emailed to parents each month in the CICS announcements. White and chocolate milk is an option each day.

Milk costs $0.40.
Meal $3.45.
The price for a meal AND milk is $3.85.

Hot Lunch tickets can be purchased before the start of school and throughout the school year. When you child is running low on their tickets an email will be sent out to notify you a new ticket is needing to be purchased. You are able to purchase a monthly (20 day) or weekly (5 day) lunch and milk ticket. Ticket prices are the following:

Lunch Monthly: $69.00
Lunch Weekly: $17.25

Milk Monthly: $8.00
Milk Weekly: $2.00

Payments must be made payable to CICS HOT LUNCH PROGRAM.

Feel free to pre-pay on your account and keep your balance positive.
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