Black and Gold Grant Request
Black and Gold is a vibrant partnership of parents, teachers, students, alumni and the community who are committed to raising funds, supporting SLO High enrichment activities, fostering well-balanced students, enhancing the educational environment and building community. Black and Gold exists to support the SLOHS community.
We are excited about using the funds we raise to impact the greatest number of students, and to make an effective, positive difference in our high school culture. We are also interested in projects that might be a seed for greater impact in the future. Our money is raised through the hard work of volunteers. We intend to reserve it for projects where no other source of funding is available or extremely limited in scope.
With that in mind we have created a process to review requests for grant money that allows us to hear from you and respond in a timely way, while also allowing us to steward our funds well. We will review requests with our board and communicate our decision as quickly as possible. We appreciate your work and look forward to supporting you in your roles as teachers and club advisors at SLO High.

Contact for questions: Cindy Treichler,, 805-903-3203
What is the name of your club/organization? *
Who is the contact person we should work with, and their phone and email?
Please describe the project for which you are seeking funding. Include ways that your project fits with the vision of Black and Gold stated at the top of this form. Also include the number of students impacted by this project.
What is the total cost of the project/event? How much are you requesting from B&G?
When do you need to have this money?
What other sources of funding are available to you? For example, will families be contributing, will you be fundraising in other ways, is there district funding or other outside funding available?
If you are requesting over $1000 in funding, please give us a budget or breakdown of expenses for the event/project.
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