Pledge of Resistance - Stop the Spectra "Algonquin" Pipeline Expansion!

Spectra Energy’s plan to build the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion represents an attack on our community. Spectra has proposed a 42 inch, high pressure shale gas pipeline that would run within 100 feet of Indian Point nuclear facilities. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has continually ignored the calls of citizens and elected officials for independent health and safety assessments of the massive Algonquin Pipeline Expansion - giving Spectra Energy notice to proceed with construction, while blocking attempts by citizens to reverse their decision.

    Noted nuclear and pipeline safety experts have testified that the pipeline poses a serious risk to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, on which many depend for employment, and within the evacuation zone of which millions live and work.

    Pipeline construction will necessitate Spectra/Algonquin to forcibly take private and public lands by use of eminent domain (or the threat of such action). Construction will snarl traffic, damage roads and infrastructure, and leave local taxpayers to foot the bill. It will clear cut thousands of trees and destroy acres of public park lands.

    Under normal operating conditions, the massive pipeline left behind will spew pollution into the air we breathe, contributing to already poor air quality, diminishing property values, and harming our way of life.

    In the worst case scenario this pipeline will place thousands at risk should it rupture in our densely populated communities. The pipeline will be only 400ft from Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School's 300 students. Our first responders will be expected to risk their lives to respond to an accident.

    Finally, We recognize that expanding the delivery of fracked gas in any form commits us to a future that not only destroys our health, food sources, and landscape, but threatens sustainable jobs, locking working families into ever escalating home-maintenance expenses that will crush the average budget.


As the FERC will not make our health and safety a priority, we pledge to protect the beautiful waterways in the place that we call home. We pledge to protect our strong communities. We pledge to protect the land. We pledge to stand together in opposition to the proposed Algonquin Pipeline Expansion Project, that would increase demand for fracking in the shalefields of Pennsylvania as well as impact the land, the water, and the air in our communities for generations to come.

We pledge that we will join others in our communities, and engage in acts of civil disobedience to protect the land, water, and land by directly stopping this proposed pipeline expansion project. We make this pledge for all who are living today, as well as for all future generations.
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