SJWorld MelOn Pass Purchase Form
This is a form is to help ELF and ELF only to BUY a MelOn Pass. SJWorld has the right to decline your request if we feel you are not ELF. There are many other sites that help purchase passes for their fandom. Please contact them if you are not ELF. :)
We get a lot of the same questions so please read our tutorial first:
MelOn has restricted the amount of times we can log in per day. Purchases will be made in the order payment is received. Therefore, purchases may be delayed due to the amount of requests and payments closer to comebacks. Thank you for your patience.
MelOn Prices
All passes expire after 30 days.

As of April 1st, 2019, we can only help purchase the following passes:

- Unlimited streaming pass ($7.99 + 6.25% sales tax)
- Unlimited streaming pass + plus offline playback ($11.99USD + 6.25% sales tax)

These passes DO NOT have download credits. If you would like to buy a pass with download credits, you will need a verified account which requires a Korean phone number and/or i-pin.

⚠️ We can not help you buy a verified MelOn Account. A quick search will show other groups can help with that. We do not endorse any group. Please buy from other groups with caution.
Do you have a MelOn account? *
Only one pass can be loaded to your account at a time. Please do not fill out this form if you already have a pass on your account. Please wait until the pass expires before completing this form.
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