Join Preventable Surprises' Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project online roundtables for updates on investor responses to corporate lobbying & policy capture in key sectors.
Our series of online roundtables for the Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project will run on a monthly basis from August 2020 to Feb. 2021 from 10am-12pm Eastern Time/ 4pm-6pm CET. Please see the list of sessions below and a detailed outline.

Please let us know which sectors are of interest by selecting the boxes below. Any additional comments on tools that investors need to fully address corporate lobbying are also welcome below. Calendar invitations with log-in details and a sector-specific discussion note will be shared in advance of each roundtable .

10:00am - 11:30am EST/ 4:00pm-5:30pm CET


Each online roundtable will be introduced with presentations from the OECD and other lobbying policy experts, followed by investors case studies on key opportunities and challenges associated to corporate lobbying and policy capture. This will be followed by a moderated participant discussion on the sector, and the creation of a list of targeted escalation questions for companies, as well as comments on draft forceful stewardship resolution texts for the 2021 proxy season.  

10:00am - Welcome & introduction - Jerome Tagger, CEO, Preventable Surprises 

10:05am - Why is lobbying & corporate policy capture a risk multiplier for investors in the sector?

10:15am - Presentation of investor engagement case studies & sector-specific stewardship opportunities.

10:45am - Audience Q&A

11:00am - Forceful stewardship & escalation questions for comment (questions to be shared in advance)

11:30am - Conclusions and next steps.


Sector introductions followed by moderated discussion on actions for impact

Duration: 3x5min presentations by sector experts followed by moderated discussion and comments on draft investor questions and resolution text

Q&A: can be submitted in advance by registered participants or during the live sessions.
Questions during the Roundtable are submitted either to moderator or to everyone at the participants discretion and can be made anonymously.

Outputs: all participants will receive research materials and a summary of the discussion following the Roundtable.

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