MARMIA Digitization Request Form
Due to limited staffing, MARMIA cannot offer any research assistance at this time. If you would like to watch any of the films and videos in MARMIA's Collections that have not yet been digitized, we require the item to be digitized.

Digitization requires a fee based on quantity, condition, and format of the items. Delivery of the digitized files will be via Dropbox link for you to download. Due to limited staffing, digitization and delivery will take several weeks.

Please fill out this digitization request form and we will send you a quote. If you have multiple items you would like to be digitized, please fill out this form multiple times, with one form entry per item.
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What is the date/topic that you would like digitized? (please copy exactly from the inventory) *
What is your deadline for delivery (please keep in mind it will take us several weeks for delivery)? *
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