25th ENOTHE AM 2019, Athens - Greece Market Place Application Form
Deadline: September 30th, 2019 (23:59GMT)

Marketplaces are designated sessions within the framework of the ENOTHE annual meeting aimed at promoting collaboration within and between occupational therapy education, research and organisations. Sessions will be timed to coincide with breaks in the programme so that delegates can visit and engage with presenters on a drop-in basis.
Please see the ENOTHE website for more information.

You may apply to reserve space and furniture by sending this filled our form. NOTE: Separate applications for each presentation/reservation.

How to present:
Presenters may consider different formats for their presentation. For example:
• Wall display or poster only
• Wall display and table with information/fliers etc…
• Wall display and discussion group
• Discussion group only (with laptop/material on the table)
• Discussion group with whiteboard/flip-over for brainstorming
• Other creative forms

Presenters must provide their own display equipment (laptops, beamers, projectors etc…). The organisers will provide electrical outlets.

Confirmation of your reservation may be useful when applying for funding to attend the annual meeting.
You will receive confirmation and the decision on market place application, once the deadline period has ended. Any queries, contact info@enothe.eu

Some areas at the marketplace sessions for informal or spontaneous discussions to air ideas and proposals that may arise as a result of participating in other sessions during the meeting. 

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