WIUP-FM On-Air Application

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  Select which shows you are able to do by numbering which time slots in order of preference, where “1” is your top choice. We recommend you include at least five options. However, don’t put 5 preferences if you only have time available for 3 slots. Shows are freeform, but DJs are encouraged to be creative with formatting. Daytime shows will include playing at least three rotation tracks per hour (from any genre). FYI: These shifts depend upon availability.

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WIUP-FM On-Air Schedule
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Describe your show. What kind of music will you play? What genres? A mix? Focusing on one specific genre (eg all hip hop, all electronic, etc.)? A specialty show? 


Please list three artists you’ve been digging lately:


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Being a volunteer staff member at WIUP-FM is a lot of fun and provides valuable work experience in the operation of a fully licensed radio station. It requires a high degree of maturity and responsibility. It is essential that you follow through with your commitment to fill your time slot and/or office hours.

Unexcused no-shows will not be tolerated.

It takes a lot to make a radio station run properly. All DJs must participate in two station events over the course of the semester (approx. 1 hour each), and perform at least 4 hours per month of off air work with either the music, writing, or promotions staff.

WIUP is a federally regulated entity and all FCC rules and regulations as well as the rules and guidelines of our station manual must be followed at all times.

Failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the station

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