2018 JH and HS Softball sign up and contact information
Thank you for your interest in Nighthawk Softball. We look forward to coaching you! Please make sure your information is correct!
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Items for Purchase
Please know that you have the option to purchase your own batting helmet or warm-up jacket. You do NOT have to order the items. The jacket order form will be handed out at a later date, but we need to know helmet orders by Wednesday, April 10th in order to give them time to arrive. We want you to discuss this with your parents and understand the cost(s) involved. A batting helmet will cost approximately $75-$80 and the jacket will cost approximately $65-$70. If you choose to not order a helmet, the school has helmets you can use during the softball season.
Would you like to purchase a Batting Helmet? Cost is approximately $75-$80. By selecting yes, you are committing to purchase a helmet unless you let a coach know by Wednesday, April 10th. *
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