BLANCO Blogger Guidelines and Partnership
In order to participate in BLANCO’s blogger outreach program you must be 18 years or older and reside in the U.S.

How We Select Blogs to Partner With:
BLANCO reviews Blogs before we choose to partner or give away product. There is no
cut and dry requirement for how we select blogs however we prefer outlets that have a
following relatable to our customer base. BLANCO may provide products in exchange for
stories/reviews and/or compensate for a sponsored story – consideration for either is
determined on a case by case basis. Some of the following are taken into consideration
we reviewing blogs:

Will the product you are requesting be a good fit for and appeal to your audience?

While we do not expect or require a specific type of photography, we strongly appreciate
large and visually appealing photos

Writing Style:
We are looking for blogs that have a strong, unique and respectful voice.

Do you have engaged readers? Do you interact with them when they leave comments
on your blog posts (or Facebook or Twitter profiles if that is where you interact most with
your readers)? These are all questions we are asking ourselves when looking at blogs.

Visit our website at:
Visit our blog at:

Twitter: @blancoamerica
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If you do reviews - will we be able to read and review ahead of you posting it? Do you do only positive reviews or also negative? *
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