ColdTowne Theater Main Stage
Thank you for submitting your act to perform ColdTowne Theater.

The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is Sunday, APRIL 26 at Midnight.

ColdTowne Main Stage Shows run Saturday Nights @ 7PM and 8:30 PM for 4 - 8 weeks and will have one preview date TBD. All Shows submitted must be 60 - 75 minutes in length.

With regard to all submissions, we will do our best to offer stage time to as many acts as possible. Acts from any performance background, or theater are encouraged to submit. If you do not get accepted to CTT's Main Stage, you are encouraged to resubmit to CTT's regular programming calendar.

All questions and comments regarding submissions at CTT can be emailed to Thank you!
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Official dates will vary and will be offered to Directors by CT's Artistic Dept. Please pick all dates you are available. If you want to let us know a specific run of dates you would like to do, please fill out the 'other' option.
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We've got your back! CTT can provide you with an array of marketing tools to make sure your show sells TF out, but please tell us if you have something creative in mind.
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You will be notified via the email you provided above when our Main Stage Schedule is announced.
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