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With this form you can subscribe to the upcoming Inner Sustainability events, the Nature Connection workshop on Feb 23. Louise van der Stok will be guiding this session, with support from Lian Kasper and Mali Boomkens.

Have you ever tasted the forest or carefully listened to what moves in the soil?
On this morning of the 23rd of Frebruary we will take you on a sensual walk through the forest. We will take the time to explore the forest with all our different senses, and perhaps we will be welcomed by the first signs of spring.

The activity is from 10 till 13, starting from the parking area at the back of ecovillage Ppauw. You will see some people standing on the road (Scheidingslaan, Wageningen)

This event is part of the Inner Sustainability series, in which we offer practices to explore new ways of relating to ourselves and the environment. This particular day, the event will also be part of the Regreening winter edition.

A small donation will be asked at the end to cover some of the costs and efforts (for non-students 5 euros).

We are looking forward to meet, practice and learn together with you!

In connection,

Lian, Louise and Mali
OtherWise Foundation


You can find more background info on the Inner Sustainability Practice in general here:


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