Hi! Welcome to Solo Performance Workshop's application process.

1.  Please look at the whole application. Notice that it is not meant to intimidate. It's just asking you to SHOW UP (a little bit).

2.  Fill out the application form below. Questions marked with a red asterisk* are required.

3.  Submit a class deposit fee ($100) via Venmo (@Martha-Rynberg). The total class fee is $800.
     -  Include YOUR NAME with you payment. Only applications with matching deposits will be considered.
     -  If you are not selected for the class, the deposit will be refunded to you, 100%.
     -  If you are selected for the class, your deposit becomes non-refundable. The balance of the class fee ($700) is due on September 1, 2022.
     - If you don't use Venmo, email us at solowksp@gmail.com, and will offer you another deposit fee option.

4.  SPW is offering 3 classes. You may apply for a slot in more than one class. You will be able to prioritize your preferences, below. Not to worry, you will only be placed in one class.

5.  You will receive an automated e-mail message with the info you submitted through the form - this is your application confirmation. (If you do not get an immediate email, it's a sign we didn't get your application.)

6.  Please add "solowkshop@gmail.com"  and "martha@soloperformanceworkshop.org" to your address book to make sure our notifications are delivered to you. Check your spam folder to avoid missed notifications.

Thank you!

PS - It's okay to have fun while filling out the application:)

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How do you identify? You are welcome to reference ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, etc. You can use any/all words you like to use to describe yourself. *
If you had the space and time and resources and know-how to grow ANYTHING? What would you grow? *
If you could redesign your bathroom, what would be the 3 major adjectives you'd want to focus on? *
What is your intention stepping into SPW? This isn’t asking, “What is your show going to be about?” Lots of us have show ideas. Lots of us don’t. Show ideas are (surprisingly) not required to get started. Instead, focus on what do you hope to learn, try out, experience. In what ways do you want to grow, participate, play? *
Which class(es) are you applying to? (Check all the time slots that you are interested in. You will get to pick the priority in the next question.) *
What's are your class preferences? (Only rate the classes you are interested in.)
Wednesday 10a-1p
Saturdays 10a-1p
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If you have more to say about your class preference, go right ahead.
DEPOSIT & CLASS FEE AGREEMENT:  SPW will select participants for the Fall 2022 class season. If you are not selected, your deposit will be refunded to you, 100%. If you are selected for the class, your deposit becomes non-refundable. The balance of the class fee is due on September 1, 2022. *
Check the box below if you read the "APPLICATION PROCESS" on the SPW website. www.soloperformanceworkshop.org/application *
Check the box below if you read the "STATEMENT OF POLITIC" on the SPW website. www.soloperformanceworkshop.org/statement-of-politic *
SPW requires participants to be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 before the first class convenes. Are you fully vaccinated? *
If you are not fully vaccinated, but are in the process of being vaccinated, when are you scheduled to be complete?
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