Judging Information for the Duke Start-Up Challenge
Each year hundreds of Duke alumni, parents and supporters help judge the Duke Start-Up Challenge.
Let us know if you'd like to be in our pool of judges for the Duke Start-Up Challenge this year.

Want to learn more: http://bit.ly/DukeJudgeInfo

Thanks for supporting the Duke Start-Up Challenge.

-Howie Rhee '04
Duke Start-Up Challenge Advisor


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Round 1 is November, Round 2 is January
Are you committed to writing feedback for your teams?
For many teams, the main benefit of competing is receiving helpful feedback.
I understand that as a judge I should not solicit the startups I judge for paid consulting work. *
Are you a member of the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN)?
DukeGEN has 7,000 members (alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents) and is the host of the Duke Startup Challenge
Do you want info on how to hire Duke student interns?
We have a resume book for entrepreneurial students, and Duke StartupConnect is a startup career fair for Duke students to meet startups. Last year we had over 700 students RSVP to meet 25 startups
Want to learn more about being a mentor in Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs, our signature program for undergraduate entrepreneurs?
The Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs program is an intensive program that allows 12 undergraduates to focus on entrepreneurship for a year. www.melissaanddougentrepreneurs.com
We are looking for sponsors. Would you be interested?
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Please join our Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/dukegen/
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