Community Evacuation Route Map Survey
The Amador Fire Safe Council and the Amador County Transportation Commission have worked with partners to develop DRAFT Evacuation Route Maps for nine communities in Amador County. The next step in the process is to collect public input on the DRAFT maps.

Please review your community's map or any and all of the maps and fill out the survey below. If you have specific comments on more than one community map PLEASE FILL OUT A SEPARATE SURVEY FOR EACH MAP YOU REVIEW.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input to this important process.

Draft maps can be viewed on the Amador Fire Safe Council Website:

September 2020
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Which map are you commenting on? (Select one Community, please fill out a separate survey for each map you review, unless comments are general to all maps) *
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Are any communities/areas missing from the map?
Does the symbology used on the map make sense to you? If not please provide a brief description of what is unclear.
Are there any roads that you believe are mislabeled? If, so please identify the roads and what you believe the correct labeling should be and why.
What would make this map more useful to you?
Are there any features of the map that are particularly helpful?
Please use the space below to provide any comments that are not covered in the above questions.
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