ILCA Request Form for 2019-2020
Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the form below as much as possible. The more information there is on an event the better understanding of what will be needed and what will be going on during that time. For questions about filling out this form or about the event you are requesting please contact the Auditorium Manager at
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The intention of the Inter-Lakes School District is to maximize both internal and external use of the Inter-Lakes Community Auditorium (ILCA). Consequently external groups will only be allotted essential time for preparatory work, such as rehearsals. Applications and scheduling may be submitted up to one year in advance of the performance date. Applications may also be submitted up to 14 days before the event, with all parties acknowledging that a short lead time will significantly affect the availability of dates and the ability of the parties to prepare for the event............Rental fees are required at the time of reservation and will not be reserved until all forms are completed (including the Licensee Agreement), signed and full rental paid as deposit. If any payments to theatre are not made according to the schedule set forth in the agreement, the event is subject to cancellation and all money previously paid to theatre will be forfeited to ILCA as liquidated damages..........GENERAL RULES 1. The lessee assumes full responsibility for the results of actions from within their group and or damages caused to ILCA thereby. 2. The lessee will replace, restore or reimburse, stolen damaged or missing equipment discovered during the term of their lease. 3. The lessee shall provide any necessary police and fire protection. 4. ILCA shall not be available on school days to the lessee for any kind of preparation before 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise arranged by the ILCA Manager. 5. No decorations shall be attached to the walls, ceiling or stage drapes in any manner, except by written permission of the ILCA Manager. 6. There shall be no smoking in any part of the ILCA or on School grounds. 7. There shall be no serving of intoxicating beverages or illegal drug usage of any kind in ILCA or on the school grounds. 8. There shall be no refreshments sold or consumed on the premises, except those negotiated and in areas designated by the ILCA Manager. 9. There shall be no changes in lighting arrangements, without permission of the ILCA Manager. Under no condition, shall there be tampering with equipment in the control booth without the written permission and the direct involvement of the ILCA Manager. 10. The lessee shall clear their equipment immediately following the event. 11. Additional charges will be incurred if the ILCA is not left in the cleanest possible state ................................... IN THE BOX BELOW please electronically sign indicating that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines you have just read.
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