4th Social Club SL - Host Application
Thank you for your time and interest in joining our awesome entertainment team @ The 4th Social Club in Second Life! The whole application should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Before you fill out the application portion please review the following.


Personable music lovers & social butterflies with a good sense of humor. People who are responsible, mature, respectful and most of all FRIENDLY & ENGAGING. Communication + people skills are important. All staff must play well with others! Experience is preferred but we may train if we feel you are the right person for the job.

Ensuring a quality experience for all staff & guests is important to us as is the personality type and fit of our staff.

The application serves as summary - of not just skill/ability - but what you're about and how well you play with others. Yes, we can get to know you in person too but this form helps keep our staff organized where interviewing, hiring and scheduling is concerned. We appreciate your cooperation in filling it out completely and to the best of your ability.

We do not guarantee interviews for all applicants. This is a first screening step to save time as we do get a lot of applicants. Make your best first impression.

Fill out this application COMPLETELY + be descriptive, if you wish to be contacted for an interview. Thank you for your time.

Quality over Quantity
We are the experience makers.

The 4th has worked hard to develop a solid reputation for quality - from staff to ambience. Our DJs know when they spin at the 4th they are backed by solid promotional support that translates to high listener engagement and more fans. Our guests know they will be instantly made to feel at home and attended to like family no matter who they are.

To maintain this rep, the 4th hires only the best quality hosts and managers. With that said, it is important that our events are well attended by people interested in what the 4th offers, so our DJs have a reason to keep coming back.

Our hosts work under event managers who are responsible for majority of the organizing, administration and structured marketing for events across social media and in world. A host's job is to bring new people in and make the 4th a welcoming, fun and friendly place for all who visit. We expect hosts to actively participate in bringing traffic in to the club and to engage our visitors in friendly conversation.

This means paying attention to local chat at all times, starting conversations and keeping them going throughout the set or event. Gestures are not a replacement for conversation. Real people, real friendships, real fun. That's the spirit of 4th Social.

Our Management Team
Avia Dionysus

Kira (Naughtgelic Kira)

SL Nickname (preferred name) *
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SL User/account name (the one LL recognizes and allows us to search/find you by) *
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RL age range *
What is your first language? *
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Do you speak any other languages? List them
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RL Time Zone and Country *
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Tell us something about your music interests/tastes/preferences. *
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What does "underground music" mean to you? *
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Have you hosted before? *
List 5 key things a good host does *
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Have you managed events before? (By manage we mean, organizing, scheduling, marketing) *
If you have managed before tell us about your experience.
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Are you interested in a leadership role? Hosts can move up quickly and earn more, when they show initiative and loyalty. Not required but the opportunity is there for those who want to earn it.
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What other work experience do you have in SL? *
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Do you know how to create and send a notice? *
Do you know how to offer a group tag? *
Do you know how to change land media if necessary? *
What skills make you a great member of an in world business/entertainment team? What makes you a great fit for OUR venue? *
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Tell us something special about your personality. What are you proud of? What do you like about yourself? Unique talents? What do people compliment you on most? *
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We like our hosts to talk WITH visitors, and not just AT them. How easy/natural is it for you to strike up conversation with strangers? Are you comfortable breaking the ice or joining a conversation taking place in local between others? Where do you fit on this scale? *
I am shy/awkward and/or hate talking in a group.
I am the life of the party!
We require staff to work a min. 2 shifts a week. Are you able to commit to this? *
We require hosts to check in 1 hour before set, and arrive no later than 30 min before set. Which of the following time slots, will work best for you when scheduling sets? Check as many as apply. (Note: SLT = PDT. For those outside of North America this is GMT-7 during DST and GMT-8 otherwise. Please check your local time conversion to SLT for accuracy, before responding) *
Which days of the week are you most likely to be available to work? Check all that apply. *
Are you currently working anywhere in SL? *
If you are currently working please tell us where and when
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Do you have your own host/promo group? If so please list size of follower base. *
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Do you have a Facebook (or other social media account) that you can use to promote our events and our community? If no, would you be willing to create one? Please include a link to your relevant social media account pages, if so. *
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Do you belong to any party/promo groups either in world or on social media? Which ones if so? How big is the audience you can reach with your promotional messages? *
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Let's Roleplay! You're hosting an event, it's about 30 minutes in and only a few quiet people have made their way into the club. What do you do to get conversation flowing and keep things lively? *
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List a few ways you might help promote the 4th in SL, and bring new people into the club who may never have heard of us before. We believe here, that this is a TEAM effort. How do you contribute? *
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Do you have a problem adding The 4th to picks to help advertise? We require staff to do this. *
We expect hosts to promote tips for their fellow DJ and the club donation board. How do you do this? Give examples of a 1-2 ways you can do that in chat. *
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The club is full during an event where you are the host and a VIP or guest, is taking up time in your box 1:1. How do you respond? *
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As above only this time it's a friend at another club or elsewhere on the grid. How do you respond? *
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Where did you hear about the 4th? *
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How soon can you start? *
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You're done! Thank you for your application.
If selected for interview a member of our management team will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience. We have a small team and time is limited - it can take a few weeks to process applications depending how busy we are. If you wish, you may follow up. Please give us at least 48 hours to review and consider. We hope to see YOU soon, at the 4th!
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