Resident Assistant Reference Form 2018-2019
The University of California, San Diego coordinates a residential life program for students living on campus. It is the intent of the program to create vibrant, safe living-learning communities for students of diverse backgrounds. The applicant for whom you are serving as a reference is seeking a position at Thurgood Marshall College in UC San Diego as a student staff member called Resident Assistant.

A Resident Assistant serves as the assistant for a residential community of 32-60 undergraduate college students with the intent to help students get to know themselves better, check themselves, and be their own, independent adult selves. Major responsibilities include: assisting residents with personal/academic problems; organizing social and educational activities; promoting a sense of community in their living group; interpreting and enforcing University policies; working closely with a staff team; being an effective and positive role model; and following through with administrative duties.

Please frankly state the manner in which you know this candidate, the merits of this applicant’s candidacy, any areas for improvement, and any other information that may be useful to the selection committee. The information that you submit in this form will only be made available to Marshall College Residential Life staff.

Before you begin filling out this reference form, we recommend that you gather all necessary information (including the applicant’s last four digits of their UCSD Personal Identification Number (PID) and phone number). You may wish to type your answers in a word processor or text document, and then copy and paste your answers into this form. Drafts cannot be saved.

Please submit your recommendation through this online form by 2pm on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Late recommendations will be accepted but will be not be used towards assessment tally. Thank you for your cooperation.

Candidates Information
The applicant for this position should have supplied you with this information. If you are unsure of the correct information, please contact the candidate. This information helps us identify which candidate you are serving as a reference for.
Candidates First Name *
Enter the candidates first name as it appears on their UC San Diego records.
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Candidate's Preferred First Name
If you know the candidate by a first name other than the one on their UC San Diego records, feel free to list it here.
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Candidate's Last Name *
Enter the candidate's last name, as it appears on their UC San Diego records.
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Personal Identification Number (PID)
Please contact the candidate for the last four digits of their PID.
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Candidate's Phone Number
Please contact the candidate if you do not have this information
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Reference's Information
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Reference's Title (in relation to candidate)
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