Foundations Choreography Workshop Instructor Application
Thank you for your interest in teaching a workshop for Foundations Choreography! Our mission is to create an environment for beginning and intermediate dancers to grow, train, and challenge themselves. Through weekly workshops, we would like to give our dancers the opportunity to learn different styles and from a variety of instructors. Please submit this application to let us know more about your dance, teaching experience and workshop piece!

CHOREOGRAPHERS/FREE-STYLE INSTRUCTORS: Here at Foundations, we want to improve the overall skill of our dancers, whether it be building choreography vocabulary, pick-up, or improving their ability to comfortably free-style. We believe all these abilities allow our dancers to grow and be more confident, which is why we offer our applicants the choice of teaching choreography OR teaching some fundamental moves of a particular style.

CO-INSTRUCTORS/ASSISTANTS: Please note that if you wish to have a Co-Instructor, someone who will teach a portion of the choreography alongside you; he/she/ze are required to submit a separate application. Assistants are permitted to serve as examples but should, at no point, be the main focus of instruction. Assistants are not required to apply.

DECISIONS: Decisions on final instructors will be emailed out to you no later than 2 weeks before your scheduled workshop. The email will include the location, time, and any additional details about your workshop.

PRIORITY: Priority is loosely given to instructors who have not taught a Foundations workshop before. However, returning instructors are always welcome to reapply - his/her application will still be taken into consideration for our final decision when choosing our workshop instructors.

COMPENSATION: Our organization is devoted to creating an environment for dancers to grow, train, and challenge themselves - a mission that we seek to achieve largely by hosting free dance workshops for our local community, while accommodating for different financial situations. With this, we unfortunately cannot provide compensation for our instructors' time.

CONTACT: If you have any questions/concerns about the application, please contact our Workshop Coordinator, Sara Sasaki, via email or phone.
- Email:
- Phone: (310) 413-1452

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