Volunteer Opportunities at PLC
At Prairie Lane, we encourage all Sunday attenders to be involved in the church life.

Yes, in a practical kind of way, the church is dependent on volunteers to make things work and function. But, even more than this—we are all the “body of Christ” and each of us has a place in the life of the church. God has designed us differently, uniquely and purposefully to play our role.

The survey is meant to help you identify places of ministry that you might be interested in. If you are willing to serve, we will find a place for you!

Thank you for your participation.

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Here are some different areas where our church uses volunteers. Indicate where you might be interested and some one will follow-up with you to help get you started.
Worship Support: Sunday morning volunteers
These are good places to help out for those who do not have a lot of extra time, or who are newer at the church, but still want to serve in some way.
Having a tryout is required for singing/playing an instrument. Rehearsal is on Wednesday evenings.
Instrument for Praise Team
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Get involved in one of small groups for men, women, couples or young adults.
Helping with CHILDREN AND YOUTH ministries
a background check is required to work with children/youth
I would like to help in this age range for Sunday School
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We can always use help with keeping our building and grounds looking good and running
My repair & maintenance area of interest
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Any other ideas not listed:
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I want to talk about where I might be able to help out
I am willing to be more involved in ministry opportunities but I am not sure what would be a good place for me. Please help me find a meaningful place to serve in the year ahead.
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