GEEKS UNIT! Hunt 2021 - AUG 13 - 27
Purple Sloth Productions (PSP) presents - GEEKS UNITE! HUNT!

Anything that brings out your inner geek (i.e. robots, computers, comics, space, dolls, ponies, video games, etc)


•Application Deadline: Aug 6 @ 11:59 pm SLT (or when full)
•You must be set up by Aug 11 @ 3 pm SLT
•Walk-through will happen: Aug 11 & 12 after set up deadline
•Hunt Begins: Aug 13 @ Noon SLT

Please apply to this hunt only if you are able to commit to the timeline. Anyone who is not set up by the required date and time will be removed from the hunt.


•This Hunt's rating is: "G" - No adult-rated items allowed including, but not limited to, clothing, furniture, poses, imagery, themes, etc. Items made for adult-sized AVs are fine, just keep it clean and respectful!
•No ADULT rated sims are allowed in this hunt unless cleared with the PSP team. Stores featuring nude or graphic ads will NOT be accepted. Store on sims with these types of images visible will not be accepted. These stores may however hide their G-rated items at the PSP sim if they wish to participate

•You do NOT have to have an in-world location to participate in this hunt. Those who do not will be able to rez their item at Alfonzo Isle.
•You MUST hang up the Hunt Poster once it is received and put up any updates in a timely manner if you have an in-world location then drop the new texture on the poster featuring the SPONSORS once the hunt officially begins (there is plenty of time)
•This hunt will cost 1L$ for hunters and you will keep all profits; it is FREE to participate (unless you wish to sponsor, more information below)
•You must join ONE group and check it regularly - please ensure you have a space open (Purple Sloth Productions Vendor group)

•All types of items are welcome (clothing, poses, decor, furniture, gestures, etc)
•Items must be a true representation of the item/s and quality of those in your store
•ALL vendors must provide a hint and a quality photo ad (512x512 or 1024x1024 preferred) of their hunt gift using the proper NC provided in this pack by the deadline.

►A NEW item is required for this hunt
► The theme must be followed though leave them pretty flexible for interpretation
►Everything MUST be General rated and while items do not need to be FOR SL children, they must be suitable for their eyes
•You may make up to two items for this hunt for one store. Please note that you will need to provide hints and photos for both and specify which hint belongs to which item. You may break these up across two different locations (i.e. your main store and a satellite store)
•If you wish to participate with more than one store, please fill out a separate form for each

•All LL TOS must be followed for your item/s and store - - If they are not, you will be removed from the hunt. No exceptions

•All Purple Sloth Production Guidelines/Rules must be followed. If they are not, you will be removed from the hunt. No exceptions


There are 12 TOTAL Sponsor spots available for this hunt.

Sponsorship costs 150L$ and 100% of the proceeds go directly to aid in maintaining our land costs as well as continue to bring family-friendly and inclusive events to our slothie family . Our main focus is to provide a fun, low-stress environment for new and seasoned creators/businesses and to build a community that fosters friendship, education, and togetherness. PSP is not for profit in anyway and a true labor of love.

**Sponsor Benefits**
•Sponsors will be at the top of the list
•Sponsors will have their logos displayed on the PSP website
•Sponsors will have their logos displayed at the PSP Headquarters
•Sponsors will have their logos added to the final hunt poster

◘Sponsorships are limited and will be held for 48 hours after acceptance. If the 150L$ fee is not paid, your spot will be given to the next interested sponsor. These spots fill quickly!◘

You may contact either PSP owner in-world

Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina (beyonkah) - Prefers IMs
ɴιĸĸι ᴋυro (nio123) - Prefers notecards

Your SL Legacy Name *
Your Store Name *
SLURL to your Store (if none, type N/A and provide your MP link- you will be given a spot on Alfonzo isle) *
Would you like to be a sponsor? (The cost is 150L$ and payment is due within 48 hours of acceptance - applications processed around Aug 1) *
IF YES, and sponsor spots are filled, would you accept a regular (free) spot?
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By clicking below, you agree to and will adhere to the above guidelines. You also understand that you will be removed from this hunt if you do not follow these guidelines and may not be allowed back to any other Purple Sloth Production Hunts or Events in the future. *
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