Pledge Form: India Food Angels Network (IFAN), an initiative by DelhiNCR FoodBank
Why we need your support:

We believe food is the foundation for healthy learning lives and lack of nutrition hinders the potential. We are feeding over 10,000 meals daily to those who need it the most. We need your help now as individuals and companies to further strengthen the capabilities of those you help serve.

What your contributions will help towards:

Each rupee you contribute helps us to raise an additional ten rupees in food donations. If you donate ₹5,000 we create a value of ₹50,000 in meals provided. A 10x Value with each contribution you make.

What you can do Now:

Simply opt in with the details in the following form or donate directly at

“FoodAngels’ is an opt in Monthly Giving or One Time Club”is a giving club that provides you as a FoodAngels a convenient way to make donations and connect with other Food Angels who help feed over 10,000 nutrition filled meals daily.

Over 4.2 Million Meals fed and counting daily.

You can enrol online and donate through card, or send personal cheques. To plan and ensure your monthly giving use your bank’s online bill-pay to establish a monthly recurring transaction.

You can chose the options you would like to support for the daily feeding, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annually.

Your Receipt and 80G certificates will be directly mailed to you immediately upon the receipt of a donation.

Let us know if there is anything we can help with at or call us at 981 000 7524 or 991 073 7524

Donate now at:

Pledge to be a Food Angel. Create an impact now.
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