Lunch Box (Cuina Justa)
Picnic Brown bags (Price: 5.50€ (all options with water included) )

Option 1: Chicken sandwich, caramelized onion and mustard sauce + Tortellini salad, feta cheese and French dressing
Option 2: Spanish ham sandwich and camembert cream + Conchiglie salad with feta cheese, dehydrated tomato and pesto
Option 3: Mixed sandwich, with sweet ham, cheese and spinach + Couscous salad, raisins and cheese
Option 4: Vegetal sandwich with hummus, cucumber and spinach + Green salad with cherry tomato and raisins


Solidarity Box (Price: 14.00€ (all options with water included))

Option 1: Roasted vegetables with tuna and anchovies + Pork tenderloin with mustard and orange sauce and potato parmentier + Baked Lleida apple with curd and honey

Option 2: Cheese tortellini with French vinaigrette + Homemade chicken terrine with truffle oil, applesauce and mesclun salad + Yogurt with strawberries

Option 3: Carrot and orange soft cream with carrot cake croutons + Marinated Salmon with pickled zucchini noodles + Seasonal fresh fruit salad

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