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We receive approximately 50 sales and cold calls a day (and even more emails) for Curriculum and Technology products and services. While we appreciate that vendors have instructional and educational technology products and services to sell to Center Line Public Schools (and that you think we have such deep pockets), it is not realistic for us to answer every incoming sales call or email. Typically when we are ready to make a Curriculum or Technology purchase, we will do the research, contact vendors, and open the process to competition.

We are a public institution, and ALL purchases and projects either receive multiple quotes or participate in a competitive process for all Curriculum and Technology products and services. If we have an open project, you will see it listed on the available RFP section (under the respective department's web page on

We maintain this Vendor Database for both Curriculum and Technology products targeted at public schools. Filling out this form will add you to our Vendor Database for Curriculum and Technology products and services only.

Before filling out the form, please keep in mind the following:

1. Addition to our vendor list does not guarantee that we will use your products/services. It just puts you in our database. Typically, when we are ready to purchase, we will use this database to reach out to vendors (either via direct contact, or by notification of an available RFP).

2. Based on the amount of calls and emails we receive, there is likely A LOT of competition in your category, and we do try to keep things local (within the State of Michigan) as much as price allows.

3. Direct individual district purchasing (primarily for technology items) has been heavily rolled back in favored of shared district purchasing, for example, purchases through a regional ISD or participation in the State of Michigan Technology Readiness Category Consortia (TRIG/22i/SPOT). Center Line Public Schools does participate in these consortia and it can limit us to partnering with other ISDs, school districts, and/or purchasing from "State Master Catalogs" (such as when we make purchases in order to get our full per-student funding from the State of Michigan. A lot of our current educational hardware and software came via partnered purchases with the State of Michigan or the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD).

Thank you for following this informal vendor policy. The application form is below.

CLPS Vendor Database Application
1. PRODUCT TYPE: Would you describe your product or service catalog as Curriculum, Technology, or an Integration of Both? *
[Examples of Curriculum]: textbooks, teacher training, organizers, instructional frameworks, and similar; [Examples of Technology]: networking, servers, desktops, mobile devices (including laptops, yes, people still use laptops), instructional technology (interactive whiteboards/projectors, document cameras, audio), and some communication/security systems; [Examples of Both]: Learning Management Systems, "virtual" online classes and curriculum, and digital content for students (that requires involvement of both Curriculum and Technology in order to implement).
Enter a brief description of the products and services that you offer.
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Enter a company website on which we can find more information about your educational product and services. [Example Format]:
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