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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Community Collection Hub!

By filling in this form, you will be registered as an official drop-off location for everyone in your area This means the community can bring their 'non-recyclable' waste to you for recycling.

This form is for a single location only. If you'd like to register multiple public drop-off locations, simply fill in one form per location.

Once submitted, TerraCycle will review your application and add you straight to the Community Collection Hub map ( We will contact you if we need more information. Alternatively, you can email any questions or changes to your application to
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Recycling programmes
Please select the waste streams you wish to collect at your Community Collection Hub.

IMPORTANT: After making your TerraCycle account, you must join each of the free recycling programmes you plan to collect for. For example - to collect oral care waste on behalf of your community, please ensure you have joined the Oral Care Recycling Programme.
Where will your collection box be housed? *
Please ensure that you have a collection box for your location in an accessible area. Note that we will only accept home locations if the collection box is placed outside.
Opening Hours
Please select the opening hours for each of the days that you plan on keeping the drop-off point accessible to the public. If you are not open on a particular day, select 'closed'.
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Final Checklist
I have secured approval from the necessary person(s). *
I confirm that I have the authority to, or the proposed location has given me permission to, set up a Community Collection Hub at the proposed location.
My address can be listed on the public map. *
I accept that my location will be shown on the map and I will not be able to change my address without administrator approval.
My data can be transferred to the new map system (coming soon!) *
We'll soon be switching to a new map system integrated with the TerraCycle website. By ticking this you give permission for your data to be moved and set up in the new system.
I have created a TerraCycle account. *
All public drop-off locations are required to have a TerraCycle account. If you do not yet have an account, go to to sign up.
I have joined the recycling programmes for the waste streams I will collect. *
After making your TerraCycle account, you must join each of the free recycling programmes you plan to collect for. Go to to view our free recycling programmes.
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