Here's your chance to cast your vote for the outstanding achievement award! The league will announce the nominees prior to the awards party online and on facebook. The winner will be announced at the event. Please include as much information as possible.

Each year ABA recognizes "one" player who stands out from the rest of the league at the Awards Party. This player is not necessarily your team MVP. It may be the player that performed well under pressure, above your expectations, a team leader that influenced those around them, or possibly the player who no one assumed would come through in a clutch situation.
We are looking for that one player that impacted the turning point of your season, or was the symbol of your season. The criteria for your selection are purely up to you and your team. Please include specific details and any statistics that may be relevant to supporting your choice of the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.
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DEADLINE 11/28... Must be received by office to qualify.
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