Submit your family-friendly homemade music video for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy!
Submissions must be emailed by the 18th of November 2020.
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What the Orillia District Art Council stands for:
Vision - Our vision is a strong united creative community, working together to enhance culture in our area.

Mission - The mission of the Orillia & District Arts Council is to empower, advocate for, and celebrate all art forms in our community and region.

Values – Inclusiveness, Lifelong learning, Respect for art and artists, Diversity, Community, Freedom of expression.
Why we are organizing these activities:
Right now COVID we are facing very difficult and uncertain times. We know that many different families are effective by the virus which is why we decided to host an event where anyone who wishes to participate can sign up for different activities such as: the Online Craft Streams, Online Art Auction, and the Music Video Competition ($100 Best Buy gift card for 1st place team!). We hope to see the community participate in the events together! Share with your family and friends! Anyone can participate!
Information regarding the activity:
A few things to keep in mind before the activity:
- The submission must be emailed to the provided email address (email address received upon signing up)
- All submissions must etransfer the $5 to be officially enrolled into the competition (if you send in your video before hand it won't be accepted until the transfer is complete)
- The video must be FAMILY FRIENDLY (no inappropriate gestures, songs with no swearing/clean version of songs). Any inappropriate entries will be removed
- Submitted videos will be uploaded to YouTube where the video with the most likes after the designated voting period will be the winner!
- Must be submitted via email along with the etransfer any day before the 18th of November 2020
- The music video competition will be taking place between 9am-9pm on the 21st of November 2020
- Winner will be email directly on the 22nd November 2020
- The gift card will be mailed to the winner or can be picked up in person. It will be determined once the winner is contacted.
What determines the Winner?
The winner is the video with the most likes by the end of the specified time period. Any likes after 9pm on the 21st of November won't count!
IMPORTANT: ALL videos will be posted on ODAC's YouTube channel made for the fundraiser, these videos are made public so they can be shared with family members of participants and for the town of Orillia to see! Do we have permission to post your video to YouTube? To be able to participate your answer must be a yes! *
In order to participate, we must bee able to contact you! Due to everything being virtual, we must be able to email you to send updates regarding the competition. Do we have permission to email you updates before the event takes place? To be able to participate the answer must be yes!
Clear selection
We can't wait to see your submissions! May the most unique and creative music video win!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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