Behaviour Training Feedback- Leadership version
Just some quick questions.
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How would you rate the Future Behaviour approach to managing behaviour and building relationships? *
How would you rate the trainer's presentation skills? *
Really good.
Didn't understand a word.
How useful was the training handout? *
Really useful.
Not useful at all.
How useful were the online resources? *
Really useful.
Haven't looked yet.
How likely are you to recommend the training to fellow school leaders? *
Very likely.
I shall never speak of it again.
How would you rate the value for money of the training as a whole? *
Very good value.
Terrible value.
Which elements were particularly useful?
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Which elements would you have liked to have looked at in more depth?
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Here's a space to write anything you like...
Nice stuff I can put on the website is *always* appreciated!
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