Calmar Public Library: Patron Survey
Over the last year, the Calmar Public Library has had to make changes to the ways we serve our patrons and our community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we would love to hear from you!

The library will use the feedback from this survey to help shape our programming going forward.
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Would you be interested in attending online virtual programs? *
If YES, what sort of programming would you be interested to participate in?
Examples: book clubs, cooking, crafts, reading time, etc.
What time of day would work best for you and/or your family? *
Please select all that apply.
Have you or your family used any of the take home kits that the library has offered? *
If YES, what have you enjoyed about the kits? What haven't you liked? Do you have suggestions for future kits you'd like to see made available?
Do you receive the Calmar Chronicle in your mail? *
Would you be interested in receiving an email newsletter that lets you know what programs and kits the library is offering each month? *
Would you be interested in receiving an email newsletter each month listing the library's newest items (books, magazines, films and TV series)? *
If YES to either of the previous questions regarding email newsletters, what is your primary email address?
Do you have any other comments or suggestions related to virtual programming at the Calmar Public Library?
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