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Thank you for your interest in SkyFire Arts! Please look over our EPK ( before filling out this form to give you more info about our shows, pricing, and production requirements. The information you give us below will help us prepare an accurate quote for you. If there is anything that you don't know how to answer, please just fill in "tbd" and we will message you to discuss the details. We are excited to produce high impact performances for your event!
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What is the date of your Event? If multiple dates are listed, please mention which of these are Show days & which are Load-in or Tech days.
We will need to check our performer & equipment availability.
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Is Tech Rehearsal required to be on the day before our Performance, or is there flexibility?
Do you have a dressing room area available?
If the performance is to be outside of 50 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, which of these elements would you like us to include in our quote?
All unchecked elements are our client's responsibility.
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We tailor our performances to suit the circumstance.
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Please see our Signature Production Menu for reference:
If the above question was answered "Other", please tell us how many performers you imagine would best suit your needs
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If you are booking one of our Tesla packages, would you like a shipping estimate?
Do you have space to receive & store our equipment for at least 3 days? (Load in, Show & Strike)
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Stage shows come with our own music, choreography, lighting, video & stage design.
What is the approximate duration of each show or performance segment?
Our performances range from 3 min ambient acts to 15 min stage shows. We are happy to discuss this with you to determine what is best for your event.
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Over how many hours would you like us to be performing?
We are prepared to perform multiple times for periods up to 8 hours per day.
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How many performances would you like during this time?
We offer periodic or continuous performance, which determine staffing needs.
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Are you seeking a custom show? If so, please check all the elements below which you would like specific to your performance:
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