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Since established in 2014, ViewFin has assembled a team of experts from the domestic and international in blockchain, finance, internet, and consulting industries, focusing on the application development of blockchain and smart contract technology and provide profeesional blockchain solutions for customers from tranditional financial, commercial, arts, medical and etc.

We have an industry-leading blockchain technology platform -- ViewFIn BaaS framework, whichu allows companies or individuals to customize blockchain services based on their actual needs.

If you need flexible service, please let us know and give us any suggestions and advice, please let us know.
We sincerely thank you and wish you all the best!!

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Product List

Please select the following BaaS service products according to your company's needs:
1. Project Consultation
Business Model Design
Token Economy Design
Business Proposal
Use Cases
Comunity Operation & Maintenance
Project Website
2. BaaS Deployment
Hardware Server Plan
Deployment Solution
Reliability Strategy
Server Operation & Maintenance
Server Optimization Service
Data Service
Metaverse Blockchain Deployment
Ethereum Blockchain Deployment
Metaverse Wallet Service
Mataverse Wallet Service
Metaverse Digital Identity
3. Application Development
Web 2.0 Application Development
IOS Application Development
Android Application Development
4. Asset Management
Digital Asset Quantitative Trading
Digital Asset Value Management
Digital Asset Hedging Service
5. Marking Channel Service
Oversea Social Media Marketing
Domestic Social Media Marketing
Digital Asset Media Marketing
Tranditional Media Marketing
Online Boardcast & Conference (Single Topic)
6. Mining & Related Service
Mining Machine
Deployment Service
Mining Software
Operation & Maintenance
Mining Factory Managment
7. Digital Asset Management Platform
Listing Service
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