Rock/Gemstone Personal Shopper-- Spring 2017
I love attending great gemstone shows! I get to see so many amazing pieces, share the experience with awesome people, and feel the energy each stone has in person. I've been attending a local gem show for the past two years, where I find fantastic deals on fantastic specimens. Then one day I realized, why should I hog all the great deals for myself? I should share with everyone!

Let me be your personal gemstone shopper. I have been a bargain hunter my entire life-- a skill I inherited from my ultra-thrifty grandmother. I apply that skill when I shop for gemstones and rocks, hunting and searching for the best deal on the best specimens possible. I've been attending gem shows regularly since I was in high school, when my mom first introduced me to the world of rocks. I know what to look for in quality pieces!

Here's the deal: fill out the questionnaire below. I have two options for you-- you pick the stone or I find one for you! I also have price points for you to decide how little or how much you want to pay. I have tried to give you plenty of options, while still being able to afford to bring you quality pieces. These prices also reflect shipping. I will send your stones via priority mail, so they get to you quicker and I have a flat rate to use. (Shipping tends to average around $7-15, which I've already worked into the final cost.)

Can't decide which option you want, or see multiple options you want? No worries! Simply click what you want.

Once you fill out this form, I will get in contact with you to hammer out any details needed. I'll then send you a PayPal invoice. All payments must be paid prior to March 5, 2018. (The show I attend is on March 11th. I need time to organize what all I need to get.)

Each piece will be 100% unique, which is really just me saying I can't guarantee that I will find "a fluorite pyramid that has more purple in it than green, that is exactly 3" tall, and has no white cracks showing." In other words, requests and options are left open-ended because each stone is beautiful and each will have it's own inclusions, flaws, flashings, and more.

I can't wait to find you amazing pieces! Thank you for your interest.

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