1. Introductory Context - Mission Command
This quiz tests your understanding of the introductory context of Crew Resource Management subjects when applied to Mission Command and Working Safely Around Aircraft. (MC/WSAA is a variation on CRM)

Read the relevant paragraphs as shown in each question.

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1. Crew Resource Management (CRM) can be defined as what? (Section 1.2.1 and para *
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2. Due to a number of accidents involving aviation, especially in industries that use aircraft, many organisations have decided to invest in safety training such as CRM or similar (eg Working Safely Around Aircraft / Human Factors / Mission Crew Training). Besides your industry, name three other industries that conduct CRM/HF/WSAA/MC training. (Para *
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3. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Document 9859 recommended a number of key elements in any Safety Management System (SMS) for aviation organisations that should be instigated. As other organisations follow the aviation industry’s lead, they are also looking at these elements. Choose the answer with a correct set of elements. (Para *
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5. Think of the safety culture of your organisation and then read the definitions in Figure 1.8. Consider which definition applies to your organisation. Which type of Safety Culture can be described as being reactive to incidents and accidents or near misses but learning is not spread amongst members of the organisation? *
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