Fabian Salas y Lola Diaz Canberra Workshops
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WORKSHOP VENUE: Griffith Community Hall (location https://goo.gl/maps/jJyEzXevGem )
MILONGUITA VENUE: Griffith Community Hall
LECTURE VENUE: Crace Small Studio (bookings required- limited numbers by SMS to 0413600182)
PRIVATE LESSON VENUE: Crace Small Studio (bookings required - limited numbers by SMS to 0413600182)
Wed 18th Oct - Sat 21st October 2017
6:30 - 7:40pm WS1 Impulses in pulses. Embrace & connection (OPEN)
7:40 - 10:30pm Special Milonguita with Fabian & Lola
$15 for WS participants ( $20 general entry )

FRIDAY 20th Oct
6.00 - 7:10pm WS2 Sacadas in changes of directions (CONT/INT/ADV)
7:25 - 8:35pm WS3 Very traditional backward dancing (INT/ADV)
8:50 - 10pm WS4 Resources to dance Pugliese (INT/ADV)

3.30 - 4.40pm WS5 Vals: different rhythms and dynamics (CONT/INT/ADV)
4:50 - 6.00pm WS6 Out of axis combinations (INT/ADV)

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ABN:69 405 710 122
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