Let's Publish This Book Together!
Write from your heart: If your heart is a song, a poem, a letter, a list, a recipe, a chant, a mantra, a prayer, a scream, a eulogy… whatever it may be, THIS is yours.

BOOK TITLE: "When The Lights Are Bright Again..."

TAG: A book of Letters-to-Self from the lights of the theatre community, immortalizing this time in theatre history forever.

BY our industry & FOR our industry!

Forward our website to someone you know who needs to feel heard and seen right now, maybe one of your colleagues on the other side of the globe, a past teacher in the arts, a favorite director or choreographer! Let's use this chance to spread love, art, and community through our bravery in this business!

The book will be published in memory of the incredible, Nick Cordero.

PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK & USE #WhenTheLightsAreBrightAgain to get the word out about this project!

And thank you for your willingness and vulnerability to share your story with the theatre community AND the world!

Be well, Be kind & Be brave!
-Andrew Richard Norlen / @Anorlen

These submissions will close the first week of February 2021. So don't rush! Take the time you desire to write the letter YOU want inside this forever book.

You will be added to our email list to be informed about any updates as we get closer to the publication date and/or if we need to discuss any editing needs regarding your letter.

Please follow me on social media to hear updates along the way. @Anorlen

Once live and published on Amazon, 90% of the sales from this book will directly benefit THE ACTORS FUND.

Letter must be 1,800 characters or fewer. (on average that is about 250-ish words.)
Email address *
Your name will appear at the top of the page of your letter, along with your hometown. (Your name can be your real name, or it can be your own creation, ie: "lonely chorus boy" - "stuck in the suburbs" - etc.
Your hometown will appear at the top of the page of your letter, along with your name.
Current Place of Residence:
This is just to help us see where these letters are coming in from all over the globe.
FORMAT: "Dear Andrew (YOUR NAME), When the lights are bright again… (the rest of YOUR LETTER) ...Holding onto hope, Andrew (YOUR NAME)" ***Please make sure to start and end your letter-to-self with the same name you create, and every letter must begin with the prompt/name of the book "When the lights are bright again..." *** Thank you!
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