Survey of Women Professionals in Animation, 2016
An attempt to better quantify our needs, current state of the industry, and goals. Results will be published online at ( once analysis is complete and we have enough data. Thank you for your help, and please forward this to your fellow women!

PLEASE NOTE: this survey is designed to address women professionals ONLY. All answers will be kept completely anonymous; your information is always confidential and will not be passed along to another party. Your e-mail is collected only to ensure one entry per-person, and keep you in the loop about the survey as it progresses.

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What issues have you encountered working in animation? *
Do you feel supported by your female co-workers? *
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Do you feel safe at work? *
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What concerns do you have about the animation industry as a whole? *
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Is there anything else you would like us to know? Please also feel free to write freely about your experience in the industry as a woman or leave extra details pertinent to the survey.
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