Departure Directions: An online course by WILLOW
We’re excited to be creating an online course on Departure Directions for people to access wherever they are. Your answers to this survey will help us to design this course so that you get the results you desire.

Departure Directions is our term for your written guidelines—determined by your values, beliefs and priorities—for how you wish to be cared for and remembered after you die. It's a planning tool that provides specific or general guidance regarding what you want and don’t want to happen to you and (possibly) your family after your death, and what choices you would prefer to leave to other people. It includes how your body will be cared for and by whom, how you will be laid to rest, who you would like to involve, and what rituals, if any, will be carried out.

The Course will guide you through developing and completing your Departure Directions, while at the same time exploring the reality of your mortality. Direct outcomes of preparing your Departure Directions include peace of mind that your instructions will reflect who you are, and alleviation of stress, chaos and worry for the people you leave behind. Exploring the reality of your mortality will leave you energized, enriched and connected to yourself and others.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! Together, we are changing how people prepare for and be with their inevitable death and dying. Upon completion we’ll email you our new tool, Ten Things to Include in your Departure Directions.

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