Pampered Parent & Faculty Appreciation Nomination Forms
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Pampered Parent - a parent appreciation event
We’ve noticed how many amazing parents we have here at the studio that go above and beyond for their kids. Driving them back and forth, packing their bags, braving rush-hour...the list of what you do for your children is endless. As amazing as all of your children are, we really feel that you deserve some recognition and a little TLC this Valentine's month.

There are two parts to this contest. First, kids nominate their parents, and/or parents nominate each other to be entered into a draw for a prize package. When the nomination is received, we will send a quick email to the nominee so they know about the entry - which can feel like a prize in itself! Second, the draw, which is a gift certificate for a visit to Thermea.

Nominations will take place via ballot in person at the studio, or via this form sent to your email.

This is just a small token of our appreciation to you, the parents, who support your kids in their dance education. Your dedication gives them the opportunity to develop the building blocks for their future success! Way to go!

Nominations - February 12 - 25
Draw - February 28

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