NEPTUNE: A DREAM ARCHIVE will be publishing written, auditory and visual accounts of dreams and hallucinations experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an ongoing project for as long as it is needed. Many of us are in quarantine or practising self-isolation and social distancing. Borders are closed. Perhaps the narratives of our dreams can shine some light on our collective psyche during these precarious times.

Participants from all over the world are welcome. You can submit as many times as you dream. You can submit in any language. Plain text, handwritten text, audio recording (phone recording is fine), video, drawing, painting are accepted. All dreams will be published.
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DREAM (Describe the dream as best as you can. Example: I am in a bathtub at a stranger's house. The pink shower curtain is open and there are bubbles on my knees. There are two reptiles I have never seen before sitting on window ledge. They are sisters. They speak to me but their mouths aren't moving. They say I can visit my mother at a village down the road and give me some secret advice).
If you would like to submit an audio or visual account of your dream, please provide a link to the file.
Please specify if you are currently in self-isolation/14 day quarantine/working from home/any contextual information you think might be relevant.
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