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To apply, complete and submit our Venture Information Form. All identified proprietary information provided by applicants will be kept strictly confidential by Confideo VM. Any accompanying materials can be submitted to We will review your form and if addition information is required, we will contact you. Otherwise, you will receive an enrollment packet by e-mail within a couple days of applying. The materials in this enrollment packet describe the rules and procedures of Confideo VM. There is also an acknowledgement and release form for you to sign. In signing, you acknowledge that the VM mentors are working with you on a volunteer basis, and that IM Capital incurs no liability in the process.
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To help us best serve you, please answer a few questions about your venture. Don’t worry about developing your responses formally like you would in a business plan. No deep details or financials are needed – just tell us what you think and envision at this point. Use everyday language as if you were explaining these things to your friends or family.
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What is the secret sauce? In a few sentences, describe what is special about your solution and product: *
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