Request For Permission To Bring Mobile Phone To School
We are aware that many boys do travel home on their own and thus will need to communicate with their parents after school. However, we also need to ensure that our boys do not use the mobile phones for the wrong purpose within school grounds. As such, it is necessary for them to abide by the terms of use when bringing a mobile phone to school.

Terms of Use

Please remind your son that:
(1) his mobile phone will have to be left switched off at all times during school hours, including remedial/supplementary days.

(2) he can only use his mobile phone in the porch area in front of the General Office when he is in the school compound.

(3) his mobile phone can only be used for the stated reasons given by you and not for playing games or accessing social media etc.

Should your son fail to abide by these terms, his mobile phone will be kept by the school and you will have to collect it personally.
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