CSI: Austin Scene 2 Questions
Please answer to the best of your ability, no harm for a wrong answer. Results are totally anonymous so please be as truthful as possible. Thank you for your time and be sure to check out the whole scene as there are some prizes scattered about.

Jason / Rx
If you are a pharmacy student, what year are you? *
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In your opinion what is the MAJOR illness Patient is suffering from? *
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What lab values were indicative of your diagnosis? *
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What would you start (medications, oxygen, etc.) on this patient while you are narrowing the possibilities? *
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What did you give them before they became unable to protect their airway? *
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What can you tell from her 12 lead EKG? *
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After learning she discussed drinking laser-printer-toner cartridge cleaner, now what are you thinking is the cause? *
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Was anything found at the scene that could give you any clues? *
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What tests, if any would you run that were not run to begin with? *
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