2019 Nerdy Doggo Community Survey
After the huge success of the 2017 Project under the same name, The website www.pupplay.info, in conjunction with Nerdy Doggo are hosting a new in-depth survey about the pup play community throughout 2019.

This information is to help the community know where it is in 2019 and to help PAH's and workshops know what the community is focused on to better provide support and resources to its members and the merging of the data collected in 2017 will help begin to show trends with quantitative facts.

Some things you need to know:
# Please answer about yourself personally; not what you think the community is or should be.
# If a question doesn't apply to you or you are uncomfortable answering, you are welcome to skip it.
# All aggregated data results will be publicly available without revealing individual answers (to continue to protect your privacy). The information is made by the community, for the community. (if you want to see what our 2017 results were you can via the link below)
# We have a strict privacy and Non-Disclosure policies for any researchers that access the raw data and as we promised and delivered in our 2017 project, your personal answers will continue to be kept confidential.
# This year this will only be a single questionnaire, it will be longer than previous ones but will only have one. We have tried to keep it as straight forward as possible

Thanks to Pup Hoodie for his photography donations to pupplay.info


For more Information Visit:
Pupplay.Info FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/PupPlayInfo/
Pupplay.Info Website http://www.pupplay.info/
Our General FAQ Article: https://www.pupplay.info/2019/02/13/2019-nerdy-doggo-community-survey/
Free eBook of 2017 Research Results: https://bit.ly/2TMVi9q


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