Catamount Institute Scholarship Application
Please fill out this form if you are seeking a scholarship for YES Club with Catamount Institute. Full or partial scholarships covering part of the registration fees may be awarded.

To be considered for a Catamount Institute scholarship, please submit this form and supporting documents.

YES Club Scholarship Guidelines:
• Applicants are evaluated without regard to race, religion, natural origin, or sex.
• Funding is limited and scholarships are not guaranteed to all applicants.
• Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
• Scholarships will be awarded based on need and merit

You will be notified of your scholarship status by the phone number or email you provide.

If accepted for a scholarship, Catamount Institute requires your student to write a thank you note. IF your student does not write a letter of thanks to their sponsor, you will no longer be eligible for future scholarships from Catamount Institute. We also ask that your student(s) write a note after the YES symposium to share their experiences from the semester in YES Club and what they learned. (Letters can be mailed to Catamount Institute 740 W Caramillo St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907) Letters of thanks from parents/guardians are welcome as well that we can pass along to our generous sponsors. Letters can be addressed to "Dear Donor"
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