GetQuad! Draft Season 4

GetQuad! draft season four is a continuation of the previous GetQuad! drafts.!_Draft

Based on the attendees input in this form, captains, divisions, maps will be 'decided'.

It's required that you are present on the GetQuad! discord:

GetQuad! Season 4 draft is expected to start on nov 29 at the latest
This signup is over - future signups go to standin/replacment pool.
Nickname / Discord ID *
Nationality *
Living in country (Just leave blank if same as nationality)
Out of ALL the maps we play in 4on4: List your favourite maps, including some Kenya if you like. Separate suggestion with ","
Can you captain a team? (Being apart of the draftshow, scheduling games and making descisions on who plays on what map on your team)
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Do you prefer one game a week or twice a month?
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