Fall League 2018 Wait List
Please read and fill out the form below to be added to our often utilized wait list.
Anyone not utilized for permanent placement will be given guaranteed entry into the Spring 2019 season, which plays Thursday evenings at Pier 40 Courtyard.

Important details are available below - please read carefully.

** DON'T FORGET: to be eligible to participate in League, you must be a dues-paying member for the 2018 - no exceptions!

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Phone (be advised we will be utilizing a text based system this season for all real time game alerts) *
SEASON INFO (please read carefully)
It is essential to team building and continuity, as well as integrity of the draft, that you are eligible for most, if not all of your games. If you know you'll miss 4 or more games please do not register.

Game Play: 7v7, 6 + a keeper, sub on the fly, no off-sides
7v7, 6 + a keeper, sub on the fly, no off-sides, regular FIFA rules apply
8 Teams of 11 players
Game Location: Chelsea Waterside 23rd/11th
Game Times: 7:00p - 7:45p, 7:45p - 8:30p, 8:30p - 9:15p, 9:15p - 10:00p
** depending on 6-8 teams (you'll play one of these weekly)
Game Length: 2 x 20 min halves with 2:00 half time

Prep Schedule
8/27 - Lottery drawing live from Summer finals 7:30p
8/27 - Player Assessment/Open Scrimmage 9:00p - 10:00p
9/5 - Cutoff for payment and Captains Draft 8:00p
9/6 - Announcement of roster and activation of teams via email

Season Schedule
9/10 - W1 regular season
9/17 - W2 regular season
9/24 - W3 regular season
10/1 - W4 regular season
10/8 - Columbus Day, Open Scrimmage
10/15 - W5 regular season
10/22- W6 regular season
10/29 - W7 regular season
11/05 - W8 regular season
11/12 - Semi-finals
11/19 - Finals

11/26 - weather/postponement date, please note availability.
* This is Thanksgiving week

Have you paid your annual dues for 2018? *
Are you RETURNING or NEW? If you have never played League before then answer is "NEW." *
Experience Level? *
What position(s)? *
Missing Games? LEAGUE PLAYER ATTENDANCE POLICY: Players who register for league are required to attend at least half the games to be eligible to play in the following season.This means that if you miss 4 or more games of an 8 game League season, you will be unable to register for following season League. Exceptions to this rule will be made for extreme circumstances, including work and injury. *
Semis & Finals (it's important Captains know if you will be here for these important games. Please check any and all games you anticipate missing) *
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