Stereotypes of citizens in a country in the EU
Stereotypes of citizens in a country in the EU
1. How many countries are there in the EU? *
2. Which of them is not the capital of Belgium,Romania or Poland? *
3. Rank the countries by the time of gaining independence: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. *
4. What does the EU mean to you? (2-3 words) *
5. Who is the president of France? *
6. Which of these countries has got the most people from different races? *
Countries in the EU geography of the EU
7. Spain is *
8. The capital of Germany is *
9. France is located: *
10. The neighbouring countries of Great Britain are: *
11. The islands of Greece are: *
12. Monaco is situated *
13. Is Ireland a part of Great Britain? *
The most well known sights of Europe.
14. Name the most famous art museum in France? *
15. Which of them is the most famous church in Germany? *
16. Which is the most visited mountain (hill) in Lithuania? *
Appearance and customs of the people in EU
17. In which European country is the people`s attitude to sexual minorities most tolerant? (in your opinion) *
18. How many percent of Finns have blonde hair? *
19. What food is connected with France (in your opinion)? *
20. In which European country are most overweight people? *
21. In which country is there a different type of cheese for each day? *
22. Who drink alcohol most? *
23. Where are the shortest people? *
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