2020 Miller Insurance Group "Big Game" Challenge
The MIG "Big Game" Challenge is a way for us to show appreciation, and give each of our social media followers, clients, and prospective clients a free and fun way to win some great prizes! It also gives those who are less interested in the actual game a reason to watch and cheer for the team, players, and other random things to happen during the big game.

The Prizes:
1st Prize - $100 gift card
2nd Prize - $50 gift card
3rd Prize - $25 gift card
At the conclusion of the contest, we'll reach out to the winners and provide a gift card to the restaurant of their choosing who we insure.

Contest Rules:
1. One point per question for a maximum of ten points.
2. The tie breaker is closest guess to the total number of points scored by both teams.

Participation Rules:
1. This contest is free to enter. To be eligible for one of the three prizes, the entrant must have only "liked" a Miller Insurance Group related Facebook page. There is no requirement to be a client or provide assurance one will become a client.
2. Must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for prizes.
3. One entry per person, please.
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How long will it take Demi Lovato to sing the national anthem? *
Will the coin flip land on heads or tails? *
Which team will commit the first penalty? *
Who will win the game? *
How many wardrobe changes will J-Lo make during the halftime show? *
Who will have more passing yards? *
Will Joe Buck's (announcer) tie be...? *
Who will make a longer field goal? *
Who will have the most receiving yards? *
What color liquid will the winning coach get showered with? *
Who will be the MVP? *
TIE BREAKER: What will be the total points scored by both teams? *
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Thank you for playing!
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