Kansha Project Application
2018 Application
Program Dates:
Orientation - June 13
Los Angeles - June 14-17
Culmination - June 23
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Dietary Restrictions & Special Needs
How did you hear about the Kansha Project?
Personal Statement
Please respond to the following prompts (150-300 words each):
1) What does your Japanese American/Nikkei identity mean to you? *
2) The Kansha Project focuses on legacy, gratitude, and remembrance. Please select one of these ideas and explain what it means to the Japanese American/Nikkei community. *
3) How will you use what you gain through your participation in the Kansha Project for yourself or the Japanese American/Nikkei community? *
The National Park Service can retrieve records for family members who were incarcerated, please provide first name, last name, camp, and relationship for family members (participants are not required to have family members who were incarcerated).
Resume (optional)
If you would like, you may include a copy of your resume which lists any relevant coursework and extracurricular activities, as well as your work history, community service experience, and leadership positions.
Resume (optional)
Expectations & Information
In addition to the four-day to Los Angeles, participants will be required to attend a full day
orientation session at the JACL Chicago office on Wednesday, June 13th. Participants will work on a culmination project throughout the program, recording impressions of their experiences. These projects will be presented to the Chicago community during a culmination event held on Saturday, June 23rd. Participants are required to attend all components of the program.
Upon acceptance, participants must submit medical authorization and liability waiver forms by June 1, 2018.
Please confirm you can attend: *
Applications are due on March 1st by 11:59 CST. Applicants will be notified by March 25th.
A participation fee of $100 for JACL members/$150 for non-JACL members will be required upon notification of acceptance to confirm your place in the program. Please contact kansha@jaclchicago.org or 773-728-7171 with any questions.
By signing this application, I affirm that all information contained herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand the expectations of the program and agree to fulfill all program expectations, programmatic guidelines and staff instructions. *
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