Parking Permit Application
Students may park on school grounds during the school day with the permission of the school and consent of a parent/guardian. Vehicle use on school property is a privilege. School parking will cost $50, the fee is nonrefundable. Students will receive a numbered parking permit tag. Students must remember the following procedures. If these procedures are not followed, the student is subject to discipline and/or the privilege being revoked.
Students Must:
- Display the parking permit tag on the rearview mirror at all times.
- Drive speed limit.
- Not drive in a reckless manner.
- Keep vehicle on the roadway and parking lot.
- Follow school rules, policies, and procedures.
-Not be in the parking lot, in vehicles, or drive their vehicles during the school day. Specific permission from the main office must be obtained prior to students going to their cars or driving a vehicle off school property.
$50 Cost
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